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Whether you are traveling as a group or you need to pack some equipment to your work location,   the Sprinter 2019 can help you with the logistics and also ensure you have a pleasant ride while at it. It’s a plush, modern tech vehicle that can be arranged and used as a passenger, cargo, or crew van..

 Sprinter in a Nutshell

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a cargo/passenger/crew van with some of the most sophisticated and high-class technology compared to other traditional vans. The Sprinter 2019 is available in different sizes and configurations. It has four different sizes and three main configurations depending on different purposes the van is to serve. The Sprinter 2019 can be configured as a passenger, crew, or cargo van. The cargo van has two front seats and a large cargo bay. The crew van usually has two front seats and three extra behind while the passenger van can seat 15 passengers at full capacity. 



The exterior of Sprinter 2019 and newer models are typically van shaped with either a standard or high roof depending on the primary configuration of the van. Passenger and crew vans typically have high roofs while cargo vans can have a standard or high roof.It has an electrical sliding right door and electrically folding exterior mirrors.It also has side moldings to protect from damages like stone chips, careless door swings,  blemishes, and others..

Sprinter 2019 comes with a standard rear-wheel drive but also has a four-wheel-drive option.

LED headlights and heated windshields are another two important high-tech utilities that can be found in a 2019 Sprinter and newer models

 Interior and Technology

The interior is fully equipped with modern technology and a well organized interior space with no loose ends. Interior features like a fixed rear sunroof,a driver-compartment partition, a roof fan, a rear cabin heater, and various interior storage units can be found inside.

The driver’s side is equipped with Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) infotainment system which can serve as the control panel. MBUX features sharp graphics rendered on a 12.5-inch display. It responds to voice, and fingerprint commands with precision and has easy-to-use center-console and steering wheel buttons.

Sprinter interior


The Sprinter 2019 is a very safe vehicle to ride in with its excellent on-road manners, safety features, and driver assistance. Lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, 360-degree parking camera, rear cross-traffic alert, and load-adaptive stability control serves to ensure maximum safety. The adaptive cruise control helps to avoid forward collision with other vehicles by maintaining a set distance behind the car in front and braking automatically when the vehicle slows down. Lane-keeping assist monitors the lane the driver is traveling on and gives a notification when the driver veers off lane.



When used as a passenger van, the Sprinter 2019 offers the most comfort you can expect from any van with its comfortable sitting arrangement and wide enough space for easy leg and body movement. The seats and supporting headrest are well designed for a satisfactory ride over long distances.  

Sprinter comfort


The Sprinter 2019 and newer models offer very convenient ways of traveling in groups. It also makes transporting heavy loads such as equipment hassle-free and efficient.


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