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Choosing the best airport transfer for business travelers

by | Oct 5, 2020

What are Airport Transfers


Airport transfers are an integral part of local and international air travel undertaken by every individual. A smooth airport transfer service is the basis of making each person’s journey a relaxing and enjoyable one as compared to a stressed one. Every time an individual plans to travel with their family, group of friends, or business associates, they are looking forward to a hassle-free travel experience from their local airport to their destination airport. Whether an individual is traveling for personal reasons or is on their way to complete a business obligation they prefer to have a smooth airport transfer including a hotel, the shuttle to the airport, or the places to visit at their destination. 

There are a few main transfer services that combine to result in the perfect airport transfer experience:


  1. Punctual, comfortable, and a pleasant travel in shuttles to the airport. No airport transfer service is complete without unparalleled shuttle service.
  2. Airports that have a smooth and hassle-free functional transfer service for local and international passengers.
  3. It has separate facilities available for the transfers of business travelers since they work on a very tight timeline.
  4. A designated desk and staff are available to provide a well-suited hotel transfer to the arriving passengers.
  5. A desk that is catered to by a travel agent to guide the passengers about the best places to see in their destination and the best car services available to reach them. They should also ensure that the contact details of a car rental services that provide a baby seat and have a highly qualified driver are provided to the arriving passenger.
  6. The driver from the designated car service should be present at the destination airport of the passenger for pickup (before time) at the correct gate of the airport to avoid any stress. They should handle the luggage of the passengers and take a traffic-free route to their hotel.


In a nutshell, airport transfers should entail the provision of all the mentioned services to passengers who are getting on or getting off their respective flights.

Affordability of Airport Transfers:


High-quality airport transfers are still considered a luxury and not seen as an integral part of the services provided to travelers moving between cities or countries. Irrespective of the distance being traveled, a traveler expects an airport transfer service that provides them peace of mind, and its fare does not cost them an arm and length. Since these are still considered a luxury at most times, people either have to settle for a sub-par service with respect to their airport transfers or pay an exorbitantly high price for it. 


There are still a large number of passengers who end up traveling on uncomfortable buses or have to wait for long time periods at train stations to get to their destination. This is due to the absence of an adequate airport transfer service. They often also face a problem when they end up booking an unsuitable hotel due to their lack of information about the right hotels at their destination. All these problems can be solved if there are companies present at the airport to make the incoming passengers feel at ease the moment they get off from their plane by providing them with the best airport transfers.


Therefore it is always better to have different options in terms of the type of vehicle, the hotel stay, payment mediums, range of rates for cars, and a skilled chauffeur suited to the requirements of each customer. Some customers may prefer a taxi or cab and not a limousine for their ride to and from the airport. While taxis, trains, and vans may be the chosen medium of transport for families looking for tours with low fares, others may want to experience a feeling of leisure, and do not mind paying a higher fee for it.


The concept of affordability is indeed very subjective to the financial standing of each individual. However, whether an individual is on a holiday or a business trip, they should have some form of decent airport transfer option that falls within their budget.

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Airport Transfers for Business Travelers


Speed, anxiety, and shortage of time is what describes a business traveler. They travel frequently and are in a particular location for a short period of time. They require top quality airport shuttles, the best hotel accommodation, and an experienced driver that is present at their terminal gate on their arrival. Time is of utmost importance to them, and they do not mind paying a premium for the reservation of a high quality airport transfer service.


Individuals travelling for the purpose of meeting business obligations mostly book their airport transfers well in advance in order to prevent any transportation hassle on the day of their flight. In order to cater to them, the company providing the service should have an easy to browse and user friendly website (copyright and all rights reserved by the company). There should also be an email address available on which the business travelers can get all their questions answered. Since this category of travelers is very particular about their airport transfer, the company should confirm all their details prior to their arrival. These would include:


  1. Are they traveling solo or in groups?
  2. Do they need a tour of the country/city they are visiting, or are they familiar with the place? In case they are new, it is always a good idea to guide them about the usage of maps.
  3. Does their schedule permit a stay over at the resorts or will they be leaving immediately after their business obligation?
  4. What kind of hotel are they looking for in terms of location, amenities, and the costs involved?


Whenever someone is planning to travel, they tend to research a bit about their destination by browsing through content like articles and view other traveler’s recommendation with respect to transfer facilities at airports. Whether it is the shuttles to airport, the expertise of the driver, the safety of their belongings, or its suitability for children the traveler might go through hundreds of online resources to make their decision about the airport transfer they want.


While there are multiple categories of travelers, there can be two macro segments that define travelers; the leisure travelers and those traveling for business. These two have very different requirements with respect to their airport transfer. While people traveling for business will need highly punctual transport (car or shuttle to airport depending on their needs), a leisure traveler may be keener on something like an Uber. This is because a leisure traveler has the flexibility of schedule as compared to that of an individual visiting to fulfill a business obligation.


Airport transfers have improved a great deal over the past few years, but they still have a long way to go when it comes to having distinct services catering to the needs of every customer. Although cities like Miami in the USA have progressed in terms of having one of the best airport transfers available, others can view this as an example and make an improvement to their own services.

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